CareNet has been recognized as follows:

National Recognition: 2005 American Hospital Association NOVA Award and HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration) has recognized CareNet as a best practice for improving health outcomes and reducing disparities (2007). 2008 Premier Cares Award Finalist. In 2010, CareNet was recognized as a Program of Excellence by Jackson Healthcare Hospital Charitable Service Award.

State Recognition: 2005 Ohio Hospital Association Meritorious Service Award and a finalist for the Ohio Non-Profit Excellence Award in 2009. In 2011, the Ohio Association of Free Clinics Partnership Award presented to ProMedica and Mercy for their support of CareNet.

Local Recognition: 2006 League of Women Voters Olive Colton Award. In 2013, CareNet received the Nonprofit Excellence Award for a Small Organization.


Federal and State legislation has been introduced that would create a grant program to start and enhance programs like CareNet.

Federal Legislation: The Communities Building Access Act was modeled after CareNet and was introduced into the United States House of Representatives in April, 2006.

State Legislation: SB 251 Piloting Access to Healthcare (PATH) Grant Program is modeled after CareNet and was introduced in the Ohio Senate in 2007.