Pharmacy Assistance Fact Sheet

Where to start:

Your Primary Care Physician or Clinic:

Please speak with your primary care physician and clinic staff about resources available to help you with your prescription medications.

The Pharmacy Counter:

The Pharmacy Counter, a locally owned pharmacy, offers special “We Care Pricing” to CareNet members for prescription medications, medical supplies and home medical equipment. Members must present both their CareNet membership card and a picture ID. Please visit or contact one of the following locations for specific information.

2655 West Central Avenue – 419.473.1493
1515 South Byrne Road – 419.382.3475
2701 Navarre Avenue – 419.698.5408


There are legitimate companies that charge for helping you obtain free or lower cost medications. These companies fill out and submit applications, track your prescriptions and provide other valuable services. You will find some of these listed below. However, you do not need to pay for information about these companies or other prescription assistance programs. This information is free from many good sources including your doctor, CareNet and many Internet sites.

Avoid the following:

Companies charging money to find out if you can get free medications.
Companies charging money with a promise they will find you free medications.

If you have any questions about a website or company, ask your health care provider.

In addition to The Pharmacy Counter, Toledo-Lucas County CareNet

also endorses the following programs that may provide relief to the high cost of prescription medications:

Generic Prescription Program

Many discount stores (Kmart, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Kroger, etc.) offer reduced pricing on generic medications. Some provide free prescriptions for specific antibiotics. Contact these pharmacies for specific information on your prescription.
Additional resources for generic medications include: – 1-800-769-3880 – 1-866-699-8239

Both of these companies offer generic prescription services starting at $20 for a 90 day supply. Contact them for specific pricing information for your prescription needs.